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Glass Repair & Installation

Established in 1947, Portland GlassĀ® is the premier provider of home improvement glass, commercial glass, and auto glass; dedicated to professional work, prompt service, and your safety.

"That it's local, and they are always accurate in time estimations, and as good of pricing as any"- A.T.S.

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52 Local Reviews

K.S. Aug 30, 2018

They were fast friendly and came to my site to perform the work, did a great job

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J.A. Aug 24, 2018

We had a lot of problems with getting our order fulfiulled. Someone came to house to measure, then when the order came in (much later than projected) it was the wrong size because the former manager had inexplicably added several inches to it. The reorder was supposed to be in in 5-7 days, and it was more like 2-3 weeks. Once the order was in, it was installed promptly and very well. But a process that began in June ended up being completed in August--took 2 months! House was on the market, then under contract, and replacing this window section was written into the contract with the new buyers. It's fortunate the job has been completed, or it could have held up the closing on the house.

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R.R.J. Aug 16, 2018

Yes their very nice to work with and did a nice job.

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J.H.T. Aug 10, 2018

great service great workers very happy

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R.P. Jun 28, 2018

Very accommodating, knowledgeable pleasant technicians,great service always

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