Spring into Seasonal Home Maintenance


Spring is here! As you prepare for springtime activities outdoors, you may notice some “to-do” list items that need tackling, such as cleaning your barbecue grill, trimming your overgrown shrubs or cleaning your gutters. What other home maintenance tasks might you be forgetting?

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Take the guesswork out of preparing for spring with your own comprehensive Spring Home Maintenance Checklist, courtesy of Neighborly. This resource will help ensure your home is in its best shape and that you’re ready for your first backyard barbecue of the season. Better yet? The checklist is absolutely free.

When you download your checklist, you’ll find several helpful reminders like:

  • Trim/prune trees and shrubs.
  • Inspect your home’s exterior for rot, peeling paint or insect damage.
  • Replace or repair any damaged windows or door screens.
  • Start your mosquito and tick control service.
  • Inspect your BBQ grill and other outdoor kitchen appliances.


Click to download the checklist!

Need assistance with any of home maintenance task on your list? We’re here and ready to help. Visit our home page to explore our services and connect with a local Neighborly pro.