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Since 1970, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has made a priority of providing the highest level of customer service, while delivering the simplest, most stress-free plumbing experience possible. Like all Neighborly brands, we are locally owned and operated.

"I like that you respond quickly and stay till job is completely done "- Christine Gricoli

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208 Local Reviews

C.D. Aug 14, 2018

Job was done well, but reluctantly. Serviceman wanted to sell whole house re- pipe instead of fixing leak from pipe to my washing machine because he said he was afraid old pipe might break during repair process ( it didn't). My house is 91 years old with some original plumbing still in place. Cost of re- pipe and financing was not well explained. " Discount" was accomplished by giving me their Advantage plan free of charge ( but not telling me about it). I never said I wanted it- didn't know anything about it till home office explained the serviceman had " given" it to me and it would go toward the- pipe. Discount/ Credit ($38.) for pipe leak repair I was later told by office it was going toward my re- pipe job. I wasn't told any of this at the time service man repaired my leaky pipe! He worked the numbers so it would appear we had been given a discount on whole house the- pipe job- but, we were in the dark about how he accomplished lowering the cost. He had gone outside and called his suoervisor to supposedly ask about giving us a discount. He quoted $5,800 to the- pipe -. Plus 6% finance charge with Green Sky for 12 months. There was no contract or anything in writing for us to read regarding the rest- pipe. (Perhaps they intended to give it to us later)? After giving the serviceman a $2,000 deposit for re- piping and agreeing to financing remaining balance with Green Sky Financing ((he told us financing had been approved) I later determined I'd rushed into make a rash decision to re- pipe my house without thing it through.. I I contacted Mr. Rooter office and asked questions. I was concerned we had nothing in writing and I had questions. The office was unaware of our "approved" financing- although we had already been called by the scheduling dept. . and asked if they could start work the next day! ! I called the office at that time and was told to call the financing company directly to approve our financing- they had no idea serviceman said we'd been approved already! The office assistant said she would call and explain the situation to scheduling and hold off on the job till our financing had gone through! I was concerned about this " glitch" and later said I wanted a refund of my deposit as I wanted to do some more research and talk with other companies about what they suggested/ offered. I was told by the supervisor that cost for permit application and administrative expenses were to be withheld ($150) from my down payment refund. I was told after they receive a deposit they immediately apply for permits. Note: The service man's explanation of financing was confusing. He took all necessary information- went outside to input info- came back inside and said we'd been approved- actually, he said we were approved for even more than we requested! Then I was told by the home office they had no information indicating that we had applied for financing . (We only wanted to finance the balance remaining after our $2,000 deposit and had been told by serviceman we were approved for even more!)) I received a call from scheduling office a couple days after fixing our leak. They told me they were ready to start re- piping work the next day! ( evidently , they didn't know we did not know about financing glitch ). That's when I had major concerns. I was told to call financing company directly to complete financing process because the service man had evidently NOT completed or filed our application for financing after all! ( guess scheduling didn't know financing had not yet been confirmed?!) . Very confusing experience. Didn't inspire a lot iof confidence in me! Expensive to fix leaky pipe to my washing machine ( $315 for 20 minutes time and materials seemed high). The $38. Discount they indicated on my invoice I was later told by their office would be applied to my re- piping cost.( why wasn't it deducted at the time they fixed my washing machine?) I question why the serviceman never mentioned a discount would be put toward the- pipe at the time of service. I've used Mr. Rooter for other repairs in the past . I must admit although they do a good job, cost is high- ALTHOUGH customer service from home office is helpful it appears there is a disconnect in communication between service man, customer and office personnel. I was not convinced Mr. Rooter would be the best choice for such a big, and expensive re- pipe job. Still researching.....

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Nancy Holmes Aug 12, 2018

So happy you could come right away. Very friendly people and knowledgeable about the job done. I would feel comfortable hiring them to do whatever needed to be done. Very expensive for my budget so I hope not to need them.

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Ron & Nora Palmer Jul 28, 2018

Prompt & thorough .

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E.Z. Jul 28, 2018

Fast response and friendly service.

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Norma Lowery Jul 16, 2018

The plumber was very knowledgable and personable. So many times servicemen will come out and be rude but he was courteous. He did upsell which I guess is good for him but it turned out to be great for us. Our shower has the best pressure and hot water for days. I am very satisfied with the service.

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