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Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

Since 1970, Mr. Rooter Plumbing has made a priority of providing the highest level of customer service, while delivering the simplest, most stress-free plumbing experience possible. Like all Neighborly brands, we are locally owned and operated.

"Back in May of 2017, my wife and I purchased a home built in 1989. Our previous home was new construction, but after building a new home to move into fell through, we ended up purchasing an older home. Within three days, the main sewer line clogged on a Sunday evening, and warranted a visit by Mr. Rooter. The office representative I spoke with recommended Dave, and with the mutual agreement to wait for morning, my wife, children and I went to bed. Dave came promptly the next morning. After some investigation, tree roots growing into the sewer line were determined to be the cause of the problem. Dave remedied the problem quickly, as well as pointed out some additional issues with the sewer line that would need to be addressed within a few years, mainly due to some shoddy workmanship on the sewer line from years gone by. By the time he was done, I had peace of mind knowing the tree roots were gone. I also had two quotes in my hand - one for some repairs to the sewer line, and another for an entire replacement - that I could plan and budget for. On another occasion, I had Dave as well as field manager Adam out to my house for some mystery noise from our hot water pipes. We eventually determined that the issue was due to the fact that the upstairs bathroom has deflection; because of the deflection, the piping is closer to the edges of the mounts and since heat expands, it causes the sounds we hear when we run hot water in the master bathroom. Since we are planning on remodeling the bathroom in the future, that issue will be taken care of. Most recently, I had Dave out to investigate an issue with our downspout drain not draining properly when it rains, and consequently backing up and over-flowing where the gutter downspout connects to the drainage line in the yard. What we ended up discovering was shocking; when the cable line had been ran, the drainage line had been severed completely in two, and then left that way! There was no more pipe for the water to drain through! Eventually, the hole filled up with mud until present day, when it would no longer drain at all. Since it honestly is an easy fix; new section of corrugated pipe and some couplings, I proposed to fix it myself. We chatted about some leaking hose valves that I have that we plan on replacing when the house is resided. He said to just call and they can come out and replace the cartridges with brand new ones when we're ready. This is what I like about Mr. Rooter - it's more than a company, it's a relationship. Dave and I are learning the house together, and we're a team helping to make the home better. Every repair fixes a problem and helps protect my investment as a homeowner. I am proud to have Mr. Rooter as my plumbing professional of choice."- Jonathan Diehl

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992 Local Reviews

D.B. Oct 8, 2018

You always want to do the work and do it now.

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L.L. Oct 6, 2018

They come ASAP, on time, always fix the problem, very polite

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Robert Anderson Oct 5, 2018

You are pleasant and competent.

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Ronald Lane Oct 3, 2018

Showed up quickly as requested. Professional attitude and skills. Offered advice beyond what was requested. Repairs completed quickly and fair fee for service rendered

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I.F.A. Oct 2, 2018

As always I am very pleased with the service provided. Quick response time and they were able to take care of the clogged pipe that someone had put plaster in. Thanks for a great job.

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