Summer Safety for Kids

Every summer, the little ones are released from school for a three-month break.  This means that all of those kids are either spending the days bored at home or hanging out with friends. Over summer break, you kids might be trying to keep themselves busy, but they also need to be safe, too.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about your little one’s safety:

  • Curfew: Make sure your kids aren’t out too late.  Thankfully, the time change helps in terms of daylight; they can stay outside and play a little longer.  A good rule of thumb is to tell your kids to come in when the streetlights come on in the evening.
  • Use the buddy system: The buddy system is always a good idea.  It will keep your kids safe and with a friend at all times. Studies have shown that children in groups are less likely to be abducted.
  • Wear sunscreen and bug repellant: Help your little one keep their skin healthy by reminding them to apply sunscreen and bug repellant every few hours.  Preventing sunburns will keep them healthy this summer, and preventing bug bites will keep their skin clear too.
  • Ensure the areas near home are safe: By taking the extra steps to make sure the parks and play areas near your home are safe, you will feel better about your kids playing outside.  Keeping your back yard safe can prevent injuries as well.
  • Swimming lessons: Signing your little one up for swimming lessons is great for many reasons. First, they will get some time with other kids their age during the summer. This will also teach him or her vital skills about swimming and pool safety. And it will also help you, as a parent, rest easy when they go to the pool with friends.

Keep your kids informed by telling them your rules and expectations this summer. With everyone on the same page, summer can be very enjoyable!