Car Organization Tips

This spring, don’t forget about cleaning your car!  You have probably already started (or finished) spring-cleaning, but did you give your car a deep clean as well?  Cleaning and organizing your car always makes it look and feel so nice.  Take the time to clean and organize your ride this spring, especially before it gets too hot this summer!

Here are a few cleaning tips to get you started:

  • Clean out all of the trash and take in all of the cups and miscellaneous items. This is probably the easiest thing to do; however, it is something we all put off.   Take the time and go through your car and get all of the trash.  Then, take in all of the things you’ve been putting off bringing into the house like cups and things you might have forgotten about in the backseat or trunk. 
  • Wash and vacuum your car.  Although these are basics, they are still very important.  After you finish cleaning your car, then you can organize things so it won’t get messy as quickly.

Check out these organization tips to keep your car mess free:

  • Use cupcake liners in the cup holders.  These make spills easier to clean up and they are great for holding change and other items that might find their way into your cup holder.
  • Invest in a pet seat cover if you travel with your dogs often.  These are great because it not only protects your seats from your fuzzy friend’s paws, but it also keeps your interior hair free after they get out of the car. 
  • Utilize the backs of seats for storage.  There are so many different car organizers that can be strapped to the backs of the front seats.  These are great if you have kids; they can just grab what they need from the pockets and leave you worry free.
  • Keep an emergency roadside car kit.  You will want to keep jumper cables, a poncho, a flare gun and a first aid kit in it.  It is always a good idea to keep one of these in your trunk because you never know when you will be in a pinch.
  • Keep a small trashcan in your car.  It will help your car stay clean and it can be helpful if someone gets motion sickness. 
  • Keep a small car kit with napkins, cleaning wipes and some hand sanitizer to clean up little messes quickly. 

These tips can be helpful if you want to keep you car clean and organized for a long time!