Best Paint Colors for 2017

This year, there are many décor trends that are “in”: contemporary, farmhouse, even trends that incorporate natural elements such as marble.  However, all of these trends have on thing in common: pastels and neutral hues.  Here are some paint colors that you can expect to see in homes this year:

  • Bora Bora Shore: This color is great if you want to add a pop of color in your home.  Since aqua seems to always look good, especially in the spring, it can also help bring a room together and look very composed. 
  • Stormy Monday: This grey hue is a great classic color that can help make your home feel cozy, especially on a stormy Monday.  Use this color as a neutral in any room and pair it with a pastel for the perfect color combination.  Pair this grey with a white marble for a luxurious look and feel for your home.
  • Pink Bliss: This gorgeous pink shade is a great color for the spring and summer months.  This hue is a nice reminder of fresh flowers and airy spring mornings.  Pair this color with a grey or white for a nice color scheme year-round. 
  • Snowbound: If you are looking to create a farmhouse feeling in your home, this color is perfect.  Paint the walls a neutral color and compliment them by painting the trim in Snowbound. 

These colors are great year round, especially if paired with a well-decorated room.  If you want to paint a room with these colors but aren’t feeling like doing the work yourself, click here to find a painter in your area.